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Food Court

Food Court

A Bustling Culinary Hub

Welcome to our vibrant Food Court, a bustling culinary hub where the heart and soul of world cuisines come alive. It's not just a place to eat, it's a gastronomic journey across the globe, all under one roof.

Here, we celebrate the diversity of tastes and flavors that define the global culinary landscape. Discover the rich, comforting flavors of traditional Filipino cuisine, savor the intricate artistry of Japanese fare, delve into the hearty goodness of American classics, and explore the aromatic intricacies of Chinese dishes.

Every stall in our food court is a culinary embassy, each representing the unique flavors and dishes of its respective culture. Our expertly curated selection of vendors ensures that the authenticity and quality of every dish is never compromised, providing you a bona fide taste of the world.

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Daily | 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM

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