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Sky Range

The Sky Range Shooting Club is a sprawling 20-lane, state-of-the-art, indoor shooting range and exclusive luxury hub for gun enthusiasts and shooting aficionados. The Shooting Range boasts of a 25 meter-long shooting bay with 15 shooter lanes - separated by the latest and safest technology in modular ballistic panels - for pistol lovers and hand gunners.

Deluxe target retrievers, which can be programmed to edge and turn, run through the 5-lane, 50 meter-long range for automatic and assault rifle swingers. All shooting lanes are controlled with the patented Smart Pad System and utilize total containment bullet traps, tactical safety baffles, dust collection units, advanced ventilation and acoustics, all designed and installed by Action Target systems, a world leader in shooting range development and technology. Guests would enjoy the live fire action behind the safety of Level 5 bullet proof clear viewing windows and in the comfort of the club’s fine amenities including the cigar lounge, a business room, the multiple-themed photo booth, a pro souvenir shop and a cafe.

An array of exclusive privileges and equipment further await members such as access to high-end firearm rentals, secured gun display cabinets, expert gun handling training and gunsmithing services.

Your typical day at the range will definitely be different at Sky Range.

Operating Hours Tuesday - Sunday | 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM

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