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Get up close and personal with Solaire's award-winning art collection.


Solaire embraces auspicious feng shui principles, turning the resort into a sanctuary of prosperity and positive energy. Among these are the guardian “Foo Dogs” that stand guard at Solaire’s main entrances. These powerful symbols of luck beckon guests into a world where good fortune and luxury are intertwined.


Gracefully suspended in the Main Lobby, “Leaf” is a creation of esteemed Lasvit designer, Katarína Kudějová Fulínová. This grand installation is crafted with spiraling hand-blown Bohemian crystal glass that channel light from the outside, illuminating Solaire’s interiors and evoking configurations found in nature.


The dazzling Crystal Dragon is the breathtaking centerpiece of Dragon Bar. Comprised of approximately 84,000 individual crystals, this majestic sculpture curls and twists as if in motion. It serves as a herald of the prosperous experiences that await any who enter the bar. In the midst


“The Sun Rises” showers the viewer with riches as the golden cascade journeys from the VIP floor to the public lobby hall. This installation is made out of hundreds of hand-blown glass components, each meticulously etched to catch and refract light in a mesmerizing dance of golden and amber hues.


Set against the backdrop of red and yellow floral hues, this captivating sculpture by Philippine National Artist BenCab (Bernardo Cabrera) is one of the most photographed art pieces in the property. The figures are entwined in a golden embrace, and its reflective sheen captures the eye of guests coming from the Sky Tower or the Shoppes.


Another piece by Philippine National Artist BenCab (Bernardo Cabrera), this installation features three figures in yellow, black, and red, inspired by BenCab’s iconic Sabel motif. Their sweeping figures look in constant flux as they fascinate and delight the viewer.


The work of renowned Filipino artist Jana Benitez, “Abundance” shines a spotlight on her unique, painterly style. In line with Solaire’s sun, sea, and sky motif, the artwork uses earth tones


Solaire’s refreshing, “island in the sun” ambiance is made more evident in its architecture. The Sky Tower lift lobby entrance is flanked by metal panels that evoke the weave pattern of indigenous basketry and textiles. Finished in matte gold, these elegant panels offer subtle visual rhythms and gentle movement​.


This massive painting by painter Dex Fernandez uses the street art technique of "blacklight" painting to create a multi-layered art piece. Dense with detail, vivid in color, and brimming with energy, "Vortex" unveils a hidden layer of life when shined with ultraviolet light. As light is trained upon the painting, bizarre figures glow and come into focus, creating optical illusions that mimic animation.


The work of contemporary artist Dex Fernandez, this work of art features his signature character, the eponymous "Garapata". Surrounded by colorful, swirling, and surreal imagery, the painting brings an exciting energy to the The Forum hallway.


Accomplished painter Isagani Fuentes uses abstract art to great effect in “Sulu”, in which the color and brush strokes evoke the refreshing sea and sky that form the culture of Sulu in the Mindanao region.


The monumental work of award-winning artist Norman Dreo, My Little Museum is an awe-inspiring painting packed with detail. It features a fictional museum space with an incredible display of iconic paintings throughout history, each detailed as if true to life. Guests can pore over the details for hours.