Double Up Blackjack | Solaire Resort

Double-Up Blackjack

Double the fun, double the wins!
Taking traditional blackjack to a whole new level,
Double-Up Blackjack lets you double your initial wager
after having seen your first two cards (except for Blackjack) for even bigger wins!

How to Play:

  1. Following standard Blackjack rules, two cards are dealt face-up to each player and one card is dealt face-up to the Dealer.
  2. Each player is now presented with the option to either:
    • Stand (do nothing)
    • Receive another card or
    • Double-Up the original wager on any two-card hand except Blackjack.
  3. House wins a tie on Double-Up only.
  4. If the Dealer's hand totals 16 (hard/soft) at any time, the game is over. All players with a card total of 21 and Blackjack will be paid automatically, while all other wagers push.
  5. If the Dealer achieves Blackjack, only the initial bet will lose. All doubles and splits will be returned to the player.

Double-Up Jackpot Pay Table

Mini Roulette Rules

16 Bonus Side Bet

For even more excitement, you can also make a separate "16 Bonus" side bet before any cards are dealt!

A player wins the 16 Bonus side wager if the total of the Dealer's hand reaches any total of 16, and will pay according to the below pay table:

Mini Roulette Rules