Theatre Etiquette | Solaire Resort

Theatre Etiquette

Dress Code:

Please come in proper attire. You can wear smart casual or more formal outfits, depending on the show.
Please do not wear slippers or flip flops, shorts, tank tops, sleeveless undershirts worn without a blazer or a coat, or sportswear.
Otherwise, The Theatre staff cannot let you in.

Age Restriction:

Except for shows that are rated and specified by the producer as open for all ages, The Theatre has an age restriction for seven (7) years and below. Infants are not allowed inside.

Food and Beverage:

Food and beverage (including water) are not allowed inside The Theatre.

Theatre Doors:

Our doors open 30 minutes before the show. Late-comers will be allowed to enter The Theatre at a suitable time in the performance.

Proper Decorum During The Show:

Customer experience is important to us at The Theatre at Solaire. We expect our audience to observe proper theatre decorum before and during the show. Avoid using mobile phones or loudly singing during the performance so as not to disrupt the show for everyone else. Taking of photos, text messaging, phone calls are not allowed. The light from your mobile phone screen can be distracting to those around you and to the performers.

No Smoking Policy:

The Theatre at Solaire is a non-smoking zone. Electronic cigarettes are also not allowed inside The Theatre. Designated smoking areas are marked. Please ask any of our staff for directions.

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