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Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Try this exciting new game exclusively at Solaire!

How to Play:

  1. Following standard Super Six Baccarat rules, players will be given the option to bet on either Dragon Player or Dragon Banker.
  2. Once all bets are placed, two cards will be dealt to the Player, and two cards will be dealt to the Banker.
  3. The hands are then revealed, with the higher hand being the winner.
  4. A player's winning wager is paid for getting either:
    • a "Natural" win (two cards with total value of 8 or 9), or
    • a tie, or
    • a winning hand that beats the other hand by 4 or more points.

Player or Banker Pay Table

Mini Roulette Rules

*Non-Naturals and the points difference between the winning hand.

Natural Winner and Natural Winner Ties is if the point count of Player’s Hand or Banker’s Hand after the initial four cards are dealt is 8 or 9 and no more cards shall be dealt to either hand.

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